Fortnite Wolverine Guide and Location get Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine Position

The new Fortnite Update 2.87 – Patch Notes 14.20 has been released and brought the Marvel superhero Wolverine as a boss in Fortnite! Wolverine is in the forest and if you can defeat him you can take out your enemies with his claws! He seems to be one of the few bosses in the game who has no support from other NPCs. In this guide we want to show you the location and explain how to kill the Wolverine Boss. The reward for defeating him are the amazing Wolverine’s Claws.

How to find and kill Wolverine and to get Wolverine’s Claws Guide – Fortnite S4


Find Wolverine’s Trophy – Fortnite

Make your way to the weeping woods to find Wolverine in Fortnite. You will find him near the main area, there are alos huts and vehicles in the forest. If you’re there and you see his footprints, Wolverine shouldn’t be far away.

The best way to kill him is from far away like from a top of a building if possible because fighting with him close is a bad idea. He deals a lot of damage and runs faster than your average character, so try to kill on distance unless you are able to dish out enough damage quickly.

Below you will see a fight against Wolverine and you can get some insights for your own way to defeat him.

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