Fortnite: Junk Junction Treasure Map Signpost & X Location Guide

Fortnite: Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction: In this guide, we’ll explain all about this week’s Fortnite Challenge.

This task is divided into 2 steps, in the first round you have to go to Junk Junction and find the treasure map signpost, in the 2nd you have to read the treasure map and find the treasure.

An overview of all challenges of the 10th Week (S8) can be found here.


Find the treasure map signpost and the treasure

Go to Junk Junction and find the signpost to complete Level 1 of the Treasure Map Challenge.

For level 2, you must go to where the X is on the treasure map. The X is in the trenches next to Fatal Fields, where the X is, you find the battlestar.

Written by: Carizma

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