Fortnite: Land Tricks in Vehicle at Different named Locations

Fortnite reward day 10

Fortnite Battle Royale “14 Days of Fortnite” Challenge Day 10 – Land Tricks in Vehicle at Different named Locations

14 fortnite days – day 10

You need to do 10 tricks in one vehicle at different named locations in Fortnite.

Of course, first of all, you need a Quadcrasher spawning in different locations on the map (see list below). If you have the vehicle you have to drive to different named places and do some tricks/stuns.

Build a ramp to make a high and wide jump, use your boost to fly into the air! In the air you make a loop, Lazy G-Flip, 180 Rodeo or other tricks. If you’ve gotten your trick points you just have to land the vehicle properly without a crash.

If you are in the right place and have done a trick, you will receive the message that it was successful, then it goes to the next place.

Quadcrasher Locations:

  1. North of Wailing Woods
  2. North of Fatal Fields
  3. South of Dusty Divot
  4. Central in Paradise Palms
  5. South of Lonely Lodge
  6. Pleasant Park
  7. Southeast of Junk Junction
  8. Challenge Games
  9. In the far north of the snow area (Polar Peak)
  10. West ofof Challenge Games

Day 10 Reward: Spray-Emblem (Picture above)

Written by: Carizma

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