Fortnite: Open Doors Locked by an ID Scanner Locations Guide

Today, February 20th, new Fortnite challenges have been unlocked, Season 2 is live. You can now find the new challenges under the challenge table. In this guide we want to explain the following mission to you:

Open doors locked by an ID scanner in different matches – Brutus Challenges – Fortnite Season 2 Brutus Missions


Find all Doors Locked by an ID Scanner

You will find security scanners on the map at new POI locations that also include henchmen, for example on the new rig platform The Rig in the southwest.

You have to knock down one of the henchmen and then carry him to the door of the ID scanner. Scans the henchman at the door to open it. Simply open a door that was locked by a security scanner in 3 different games to complete the challenge. You can also open the same door 3 times!

Written by: Carizma

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