Fortnite: Plant or Summon Reality Saplings Using Reality Seeds Location

Yes, there are a ton of new quests in Fortnite! Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 0 has started and we’re going to help you find the reality saplings!

This new order is actually easy but only if you know where to find the Reality Seeds, we want to show you that now.


Reality Saplings Using Reality Seeds Location

Just land at the new Reality Falls area, there is a big new tree on the map.

This tree is where you can find the Reality Seeds. They are small round spores that you have to smash. If you destroy them, the required Reality Seeds will come out.

You can pick them up and then have them in your inventory. Choose them from the inventory and throw them somewhere, that’s all. If you don’t understand it right away, here’s a video guide


Written by: Carizma

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