Season 10 Week 3 Battle Star Location Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

battelstar fortnite week 3

The Secret Battlestar of Season 10 at Week 3 (Leftovers Challenges), located north of Paradise Palms, at the racetrack. Between the coordinates I 6/7.

The battlestar of the 3rd week is expected to be unlocked on Saturday the 17th of August, as well as the loading screen with the hint. Should something have changed after the activation of the secret star and the loading screen, we will of course update this guide.

Once you’ve completed any 3 of the 7 challenges in The Leftovers Limited Time Missions, this Secret Battle Star can be collected. It will reward you with a Battle Star (one full battle pass tier).


Secret Battle Star Location in Week 3 Season 10

The battlestar is located in the SoFDEEZ ice cream shop at the racetrack, north of Paradise Palms. In the ice cream shop you will find the star at the vending machine.

The notice of the place of discovery is hidden on the loading screen of week 3, bottom left at the headlights.

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