Fortnite: The Hidden Legendary Outfit – The Visitor

The secret to the bonus skin is revealed! For the start of Season 4 in Fortnite Battle Royale, the players have wondered what is behind the bonus skin, which you get as a reward for the blockbuster challenge. In order to receive the bonus you have to complete all challenges for a total of seven weeks, so the mystery could only be revealed now, with week 7 in Season 4!

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the visitor - fortnite br

The Visitor – An alien from the meteor!

If you have completed all weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 so far, you will unlock the new skin “The Visitor“. The Skin Act is a kind of alien, a space suit with a crosshair display on the helmet.

It seems like Fortnite’s story: Battle Royale from the meteorite. In a bonus image from the 7th Blockbuster Challenge you can see how the visitor comes out of the capsule.


The Visitor Skin is customizable

The conditions are not easy, but if you manage to unlock the Legendary outfit you can do a lot with it. Like Carbide and Omega and football outfits, the visitor is customizable.

  • He has a crazy cape (back part)
  • The helmet has four different displays, which you can adjust. In addition to the target cross, there is a wire mesh, a smiley and a kind of HUD.


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