Fortnite: The Lair Secret Challenge Guide – Trap Locations

Fortnite Trap Locations Map

Today a new, secret challenge was also unlocked with Fortnite Update 2.87. In this guide we want to explain the following missions to you:

The Lair – Find the dwarfs’ secret lair
Disarm Traps – Disarm the barrels


The Lair & Traps Locations

This secret mission begins by finding the Lair, which is south of The Authority – Ghost House. You have to go down in the building into the basement and through the hatch, then this mission is unlocked.

Now you have to defuse 5 hidden traps, which you can find as follows:

  • Trap # 1: Under the bridge at Misty Meadows
  • Trap # 2: At Holly Hedges, in the garden tool yard
  • Trap # 3: At Sweaty Sands, in the right part of town
  • Trap # 4: At Craggy Cliffs, under the big house on the cliff
  • Trap # 5: At Steamy Stacks, under the top chimney

For the last part, you need to destroy a gnome giving out newspapers. There are a few around the map. Doing this will complete “The Aftermath” and reward you with another 20,000 XP.


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