Fortnite: Visit Different Stone Heads – All Locations in Week 9

Another challenge in the week 9 to Fortnite demands that you seek different stone heads. All in all you have to visit 7 stone heads.

It is not possible to visit all places in one go! Just do it round by round.

Remember, when you’ve collected the star, do not just log out. Finish your round normally, win or lose. If you just leave the game, it may be that the achievement is not counted and you need to re-collect the star.

An overview of all the challenges of the 9th week can be found here.

Stone Heads – All locations

  • grid square C2
  • grid square C6
  • grid square E7
  • grid square F5
  • grid square G3
  • grid square I5
  • grid square E10


Alle Stone Heads – Video Guide

Written by: Carizma

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