Fortnite Week 3 Season 9 Challenges and Solutions

Fortnite Week 3 in Season 9 has begun! We show you all the challenges of the second week, including solutions and locations.

The challenges we show you below are from a Datamin leak, it may be that they are not identical to what Epic later unlocks. We update this guide as soon as week 3 is active.


All Challenges of Week 3 in Fortnite Season 9

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1: Land a trick with a Driftboard (1)
    Stage 2: Get 3s of airtime in a quadcrashed (3)
    Stage 3: Destroy opponent strucutres with a vehicle (3)
  • Search chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak (7)
  • Deal damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Slipstream (200)


Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match (0/2)
    Stage 2: Visit Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot in a single match (0/2)
    Stage 3: Visit Haunted Hills and Salty Springs in a single match (0/2)
  • Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands (0/1)
  • Explosive weapon eliminations (0/3)
  • Deal damage with different weapons in a single match (0/5)

Written by: Carizma

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