Fortnite Week 6 Season 3 – All Weekly Challenges revealed

As every week, the Dataminer have unveiled the upcoming Fortnite challenges. Below we show you all of the challenges in week 6 S3.

The challenges in week 6 don’t seem that difficult. Again we have to find deal damage, search chests and Gas up a Vehicle. The tasks seem to be fairly simple, provided the vehicles are reactivated.

But remember, the challenges come from a leak, they have not yet been officially confirmed. As soon as week 5 is active in Fortnite, we will update this article.


Weekly Challenges – Week 6 Season 3

  • Deal Damage at Rickety Rig (500)
    This task is fairly simple and self-explanatory. Lands at Rickety Rig and does a total of 500 damage.
  • Eliminations at Pleasant Park (3)
    This task is fairly simple and self-explanatory. Land at Pleasant Park and defeat 3 players.
  • Land at the Authority and finish Top 25 (1)
    Land at the Authority and grab the Choppa straight away. Fly far away with the helicopter, preferably to the edge of the storm. Stay out of the action until you’re in the top 25.
  • Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner (1)
    This mission isn’t going to be too complicated, provided Epic reactivates the vehicles. We can only explain to you exactly how the mission works when the challenges are active. There is a petrol station at Catty Corner, there is currently only one motorhome. (Update: The mission is not available at the moment!)
  • Catch a weapon at Stack Shack (1)
    The stack shack is located northwest of Holly Hedges, there is a small island. In front of the small hut you will find a fishing rod with which you can fish a weapon. Here we show you where you can find the stack shack.
  • Search Chests (10)
  • Search Chests (100)
  • Search Ammo Boxes at Salty Springs (7)
  • Search Chests at Lazy Lake (7)

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