Genshin Impact: Everflame Seed Location Guide

Everflame Seed Genshin Impact

Everflame Seed is a material and it is ascension of characters to the next Ascend Level and used in crafting. The difference to this Seed, it can be only obtained by defeating an elite level 30+ monster boss called the Pyro Regisvine. So you will not be able to gather it somewhere else.

Everflame Seed Details
A seed that fuels the unending flames of the Pyro Regisvine. It emits pyro energy as if it will burn all that has ever sprouted from the ground. Endless desires flow among turbulent energy deep within the earth. What desire could steadilyy hold such fire to the plants and long so eagerly to bathe everything in unquenchable flames?

This Genshin Impact: Everflame Seed Location Guide will show you the exact location where you can find the Everflame Seeds.

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Everflame Seed Locations

As already mention before the is no meadow or something like that where you can collect those seeds. Instead you have prepare yourself and fight against Pyro Regisvine which is an elite level 30+ monster boss. When you stand against the boss, get to the closest to the ground at the bottom of him. Keep attacking its core and he will eventually be disabled for a short time which allows you to deal huge damage to him. Once he is back fighting, do the same but this time against his head.

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