Genshin Impact: Golden Slumber Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber

Genshin Impact Garden of Endless Pillars has a lot of timed challenges and puzzles to solve. We have broken it down through this walkthrough. This guide will cover everything from Lost in the Sands to the Khaj-Nisut dungeon, to aid you along the way.

As the first step in completing one of the most crucial World Quest series in Sumeru, the Genshin Impact Golden Slumber quest is essential if you want to explore the caves beneath the island. Gaining access to the Altar of Mirages Domain and the remaining Teleport Waypoints requires finishing Golden Slumber. It’s also a great strategy for unearthing more Genshin Impact scarabs beneath the sands of the Hypostyle Desert.

Genshin Impact clearance message

Multiple locked doors and mechanisms in the Golden Slumber questline will display the “you do not have adequate clearance” message. No worries; you can continue your missions in Golden Slumber without using these doors or procedures. Upon completing the task, you will be granted more access.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber part 1: Lost in the Sands

Starting out, head to Aaru Village in the eastern portion of the desert to acquire the “Lost in the Sands” quest. In this case, it’s a nonplayer character named Bonifaz who hands out the mission. Bonifaz is located directly in front of you once you cross the bridge entering Aaru Village to the west of the Statue of the Seven (see picture). Here is the next step:

If you’re looking for the archaeological team, you should stick to the road. For example, if the mission tells you to “walk down to the bottom of the pit,” you should really land one level above. Contact the non-player characters.

Follow the prompts until the door to the ruins appears. When you do this, you can access a Teleport Waypoint.

Upon reaching the other side of the stone bridge, use Anemo to scatter the sand to the right of the entrance. To go to the next area, you must engage the mechanism.

Follow the trail until it appears to end in the big room with the statues, which is part of the ‘continue exploring’ objective. In the lower left corner of the room is a square tile depicting a Dendroculus. To turn it on, you must first stand in the square’s exact center before descending.

The four Pyro torches should be lit. After scorching the floating Tri-Yana Seed with Pyro or Electro, the one on the right will materialize.

Get the Exquisite Chest and use the square mechanism to open the next set of doors. Stay on the right until the next cutscene begins.
Engage the nearest square to ascend, and then check out the odd device. Return downstairs after the conversation to have a word with Jebrael.

The Scarlet Sand Slate will be provided to you, allowing you to use it on certain “clearance” doors. Return to the upper level and use it to unlock the massive door.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber part 2: Lost in the Sands puzzle

When you have the Scarlet Sand Slate, continue down the route until you reach the blue triangle room (see picture). There’s a short problem here: take the triangle and place it in the blue square on the floor, and the door will slide open. Turn the mechanism on the left twice and repeat the process with the blue triangles in the next room.

The triangular ruin guard needs to be electrocuted when it reaches its’recovery’ condition so that you can continue fighting the adversaries in the following chamber. Then, proceed to the subsequent door utilizing the Scarlet Sand Slate. If you have the purpose to “follow the direction of the wind,” then all you have to do is follow the blue Seelie to the door.

That’s all, your Lost in the Sands quest is over now. Continue with the following Golden Slumber quest, An Introduction to Indoor Archeology, to gain access to the rest of the underground Sumeru map.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber part 3: An Introduction to Indoor Archeology walkthrough

After assembling in the Sobek Oasis, you can ride the prevailing wind to the top of the surrounding cliffs. Return to the Oasis after speaking with Jebrael.

Visiting the Temple of Khemenu. If the quest instructs you to go farther into the temple, but you don’t have permission to do so, you should ignore those doors. You should go straight ahead until you reach a set of double doors (one on each side). First, we’ll tackle the door on the right (illustration below): clear out the foes, grab the blue triangle, and push the square in the centre into action. To return to the previous area, use the mechanism to release a blue orb, and then follow it. Follow the same procedure with the left door.

A Teleport Waypoint can be activated on the lowest level of Khemenu Temple. You should go back to the previous room after the scenario ends.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber part 4: An Introduction to Indoor Archeology puzzle

Meanwhile, two more wide-open doors will be seen in front of you, one on each side. There is a mystery around each one:

Take the photo-illustrated tunnel to the room indicated in the north puzzle (hourglass). The hourglass is accessible by ascending the central stone structure (location 1). Engage it to initiate a race against time in which you have 30 seconds to travel to locations 2 and 3 and flick the switches on the hourglasses there. Then, once you’ve reached the chest, fall on a nonexistent floor (location 4). By interacting with it, the blue orb can be moved to the entrance.

In the southern hemisphere, a puzzle (on a ship) similar to the previous one can be found. This corridor will eventually lead to a large chamber with a boat. Fly higher with the aid of the Four-Leaf Sigils and activate the square with the nearby blue triangle. Control the blue ball using the same method as before.
Take the elevator down at the conclusion of the scene. Once you reach the opposite side of the room, the next scene will automatically begin, finishing this portion of the Golden Sands quest.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber part 5: The Secret of Al-Ahmar walkthrough

Use the elevator to ascend, as you are still underground at the beginning of the Secret of Al-Ahmer quest. Approach the Mausoleum of King Deshret and engage the ruin opponents. When they enter their recuperation condition, you must use Electro as you did previously.

You must complete the “open the coffin” objective after a cutscene. Find blue orbs in the passageways and lead them back to the main room to complete this Golden Slumber puzzle. Here are the places:

Orb 1: Enter through the door to the north, then enter through the door to the right. The orb is located on a wall to the right of a Dendroculus.

Orb 2: Return to the room in the north, but turn left this time. It appears that activating the square to initiate a timed hourglass challenge is optional. The sphere is located behind the second hourglass (the doorway shown in the picture).

Orb 3: Take the southern entrance this time. Follow the corridor until you reach the red device, which will initiate a timed challenge. Collect every Dendro particle before the blue orb is reached.

Orb 4: Utilize the southern door once more, then turn left and fight the ruin foe. The blue orb is located on a northern wall.

Following the cutscene, take the elevator up. This will bring you to a vast underground cavern where you must battle the Fatui. After then, you’ll have to follow the mission objectives, search for the archaeology team members and find Benben’ for a significant amount of time.

Golden Slumber part 6: The Secret of Al-Ahmar laser puzzles

Upon obtaining another Teleport Waypoint and beginning the “proceed deeper into the ruins” objective, a new room with a square mechanism and a blue Seelie will become accessible. Follow the Seelie until you reach a vast, open chamber containing a blue laser maze. To unlock the doors, the lasers must be directed at the door. The room with a blue orb is located on the west side. Direct it back till it reaches the enormous golden doors.

For the second orb, we will retrace our steps; turn your back on the big doors, continue descending a bit further, and then dash through the tunnel on the left again. The solution to the puzzle is as simple as activating the mechanisms in the same order as depicted in the image. Direct the blue orb to the entrance.

Golden Slumber part 7: Dreams Beneath the Searing Sands trials

The last quest in the Golden Slumber series starts back in Sobek Oasis. Kill enemies as instructed and follow the location marker until you get the “pass the three trials” objective in Khaj-Nisut. Here’s how to deal with each one:

Trial in the west: go inside the building and drop down through the opening with the wind current. As you’ve done before, click on the blue squares. After going down through a second wind tunnel opening, there is a door that needs a Keystone. The room to your right is where you’ll find it. Use it on the door and keep opening chests and turning on blue squares until you reach the last room, where the blue lasers are now connected as shown in the picture above.

Trial in the north: start the trial inside the building and drop down through the hole on the left. Then, defeat all the triangular ruin guards on two floors. Bring an Electro to use while you’re healing.

Trial in the south: Begin the trial, then go back down. You will land on a floor that you can’t see. Keep running around to find the gaps. You will have to fall down several levels before you reach the ground and can finish the trial.

Golden Slumber part 8: Khaj-Nisut

You can finally go into Khaj-Nisut. Continue going down into the ruin until you reach the room with the big machine in the middle (see picture above). To use it, you have to get the three blue orbs to where they need to go. You can see where they are on your mini map.

There’s a tricky part with two big fans: move the blue orb forward as soon as the fans stop turning. Make a stop in the middle, as shown in the picture above, so that the fans don’t hit it.

Golden Slumber part 9: platform puzzle

Move up the floors until you reach the “operate the Prism of Khaj-Nisut” goal. When you’re on the middle platform, click “operate” to change the height. If you click “switch,” the color will change from blue to red.

Note that the middle platform only moves the ones that are the same color. Place them as shown in the picture above to solve the puzzle. The platforms shouldn’t get in the way of the blue lasers. Then, press the blue button on the other side of the room (red circle).

Now, all you have to do is take the elevator up, watch the cutscenes, and kill the last few enemies. Be careful, because you’ll have to leave Khaj-Nisut after that. Jump down and run as fast as you can toward the exit!

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