Genshin Impact: Shrine of Depths Locations Guide

There are some Shrines of the Deep to be found in Genshin Impact and we want to show you all the locations.

A shrine of the deep is very well hidden, to open it you need a Moon City Shrine Of Depth Key (blue or a golden-colored Liyue Shrine Of Depth Key depending on the regions).

In a shrine you can find a Luxurious Chest (Weapons, Artifacts and EXP), which you also need to complete world quests, and there are rare resources to be found there.

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Shrine of Depths: Locations Map for Liyue and Mondstadt


Keys to Shrines of the Deep

These are the keys: There are two different types of keys for the shrines:

  • Moon city Shrine Of Depth Keys opens the 10 shrines in Moon City
  • Liyue Shrine Of Depth Keya opens the 10 shrines in Liyuey


How do you get the keys? There are different ways of doing this. Most of all, when you lock temples, you will receive these keys. If you see temple symbols on the map, you can see the rewards for completing there too.

The keys are also available for completing some excursions. When you search through your tasks, you will always see one of the mentioned keys as a reward. Here are some of the locations:


Mondstadt Shrine of the Depth Key Locations: 

  • Domains: Acension Domain (Ascend: Clear the Ruins) – Temple of the Falcon, Temple of the Lion, Temple of the Wolf
  • Adventurer Handbook: Chapter 4, Upgrade the Mondstadt Statues of the Seven to Level 6
  • Quests: New Horizons of Adventure (from Katheryne at the Adventurer’s stand in Mondstadt)


Liyue Shrine of the Depths Locations:

  • Domains: Domain of Forsaken Ruins, Domain of Wayward Path, Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula
  • Quests: The Chi of Guyun, Treasure Lost/Treasure Found, The Tree Who Stands Alone

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