Genshin Impact: Treasure Lost Treasure Found Quest Guide

Completing World Quests in Genshin Impact are important as you get rewards such as expierence (EXP), Exile’s Circlets, Liyue Shrine of Depths Keys and more. You can find the Quest Treasure Lost Treasure at the Guili Plains. There you have to talk to Soraya, she is located in the west of the large ruins.

This Treasure Lost Treasure Found Quest Guide will show you the location and their tasks to complete the Quests.

Overview of the Quests and locations:

  • Treasure Lost Treasure Found Side Quest – (00:01)
  • 5 Ancient Stone Tablet Locations – (00:28)
  • 2 Stone Tablet Locations – (03:05)
  • Treasure Lost Treasure Found Part 2 – (04:08)
  • 4 Strange Jade Locations – (04:25)
  • Final Ruin and Mechanism – (07:54)


Have you seen all of the game’s achievements? Here we have all the achievements and conditions for you!


World Quest Treasure Lost Treasure Found in Genshin Impact

Written by: Tom Binsack

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