Genshin Impact: Unlocking Collei

Genshin Impact Collei

Genshin Impact new character Collei comes with the Dendro element. This guide will show you how to get this very useful Dendro.

She was added with the new continent Sumeru in Patch 3.0. She was first given away for free during a special event in Patch 3.0. That event is now over, but Hoyoverse has given players another way to get her for free that will always be available in Patch 3.1.

The steps to get her aren’t too hard, but it’s easy to miss them on your own.

Unlocking Collei

The Curtain of Leaves Special Event is how you can get Collei. You have to beat Spiral Abyss Floor 4, Chamber 3 to get Collei. Once this floor is done, Collei will be given to you automatically. If you’ve already finished this floor, the event will be marked as done when you log in, and you’ll be able to get Collei right away. If you already have Collei, you will get a Stella Fortuna instead, which will let you open one of her constellations. Read on to find out how to beat Floor 4 and get into the Spiral Abyss if you haven’t already.

Unlocking Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss can only be reached by characters with at least 20 Adventure Rank. If you haven’t reached this level yet, you should focus on raising your AR before moving on with this guide. If you are AR20 or higher, you can unlock Musk Reef and the Spiral Abyss by doing several Seelie quests on Cape Oath.

In this area, there are three different Seelies that you have to follow to their homes. Once all three are returned, a wind will start blowing and a big portal will open in the sky.

When you reach the portal by riding the wind current, you will be taken to Musk Reef. The entrance to the Spiral Abyss can be found in the middle of the island. You have to beat the first three floors before you can try Floor 4.

Floor 4 Mini Guide

Floor 4 of the Spiral Abyss will feature Level 50 enemies, so make sure your party can handle that. Challenging the Abyss requires eight characters split across two teams, so ensure you have enough characters of high enough level.

The Ley Line Disorder of this Floor dramatically boosts Electro damage, so bring Electro characters and combine them with your other characters’ elements to trigger Electro reactions.

Many of the enemies on this floor have Hydro or Cryo elements, allowing you to easily trigger Electro reactions against them for high damage. Once you have cleared this floor, you will be able to claim your free Collei character from the Curtain of Leaves Event.

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