Ghost of Tsushima – All Singing Crickets Locations

Ghost of Tsushima has many of collectibles to find and you need all of them to unlock all trophies. This guide will lead you to all 20 Singing Cricket locations, you only need 5 Singing Crickets for below trophy but you don’t need all 20 Singing Crickets for the platinum trophy, that’s for those who only heading for the platinum trophy.

  • Dirge of the Fallen Forge
    Play the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave.

An overview of all trophies can be found here. Back to Ghost of Tsushima – Overview for Collectibles, Armor, Weapons, Resources.


All 20 Singing Crickets Locations

You will find the Singing Crickets in little cages at the cemeteries. Make sure to wear the Traveler’s Attire (this is for free you just have to talk to merchants) to get a advantage to reveal the locations on the map. After you found the first Singing Cricket, switch to the world map and select the Wind for Undiscovered Singing Crickets. This will lead you to all remaining Singing Crickets. An advantage from Traveler’s Attire is, your controller starts to vibrate once you get close to a Singing Cricket, this effect can be unlocked when you upgrade the armor Traveler’s Attire. The collectibles are not missable, it doesn’t matter your choice of the selected dialogue, you are still able to gather all Singing Crickets in free-roam after the story modus. This progress can be tracked in the pause menu under Collections -> Singing Crickets.

  • Region 1: Izuhara
    #1 Singing Cricket – 0:06
    #2 Singing Cricket – 0:26
    #3 Singing Cricket – 0:44
    #4 Singing Cricket – 1:05
    #5 Singing Cricket – 1:22
    #6 Singing Cricket – 1:38
    #7 Singing Cricket – 1:55
    #8 Singing Cricket – 2:08
    #9 Singing Cricket – 2:25
    #10 Singing Cricket – 2:40

  • Region 2: Toyotama
    #11 Singing Cricket – 2:54
    #12 Singing Cricket – 3:11
    #13 Singing Cricket – 3:25
    #14 Singing Cricket – 3:45
    #15 Singing Cricket – 4:03
    #16 Singing Cricket – 4:20
    #17 Singing Cricket – 4:37
  • Region 3: Kamiagata
    #18 Singing Cricket – 4:56
    #19 Singing Cricket – 5:18
    #20 Singing Cricket – 5:35

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