Ghost of Tsushima – All Weapon Locations Guide

In Ghost of Tsushima you can have some different weapons. You are going to start with the melee weapon Sakai Katana but there are 12 different weapons to get. A couple of them can be unlocked for completing an act or other can be bought from the Skill Tree in Ghost of Tsushima.


An overview of all trophies can be found here. Back to Ghost of Tsushima – Overview for Collectibles, Armor, Weapons, Resources.


This guide will show you how to get all weapons

  • Sakai Katana
    You get this weapon automatically during the Prologue.
  • Sakai Tanto
    You get that automatically for completing “Main Quest: The Warrior’s Code” (Act 1).
  • Half Bow
    This bow will be yours for completing the Main Quest: “The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa” (Act 1).
  • Longbow
    That’s a reward after completing Mythic Tale “The Curse of Uchitsune” (Region 1).
  • Blowgun
    You get that automatically during Act 2 – “Main Quest: Ghosts from the Past”.
  • Flaming Arrow
    This weapon will be unlocked during the Side Tale (Ishikawa Tale 4 of 9) The Way of the Bow.
  • Hallucination Dart
    Another unlocked weapon during the Side Tale (Yuriko Tale 1 of 2) The Proud Do Not Endure.


Buyable Ghost Weapons at the Skill Tree

Those weapons skills can be bought from the skill tree

  • Kunai – Buy the skill Kunai.
  • Black Powder Bomb – Buy the skill Black Powder Bombs.
  • Smoke Bomb – Buy the skill Smoke Bombs.
  • Sticky Bomb – Buy the skill Sticky Bombs.
  • Smoke Bomb – Buy the skill Smoke Bombs.
  • Wind Chime – Buy the skill Wind Chime.

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