Ghost of Tsushima – Haiku Locations Guide

In Ghost of Tsushima you can find a lot of collectibles but most of them are optional, anyway you need them all to unlock the platinum trophy.

This guide will show you where you can find all 19 Haiku Locations. You need the Haiku Locations for the following trophy:

  • Body, Mind, and Spirit
    Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

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Haiku Locations Guide

There are a total of 19 Haiku locations in the game. None of these collectibles can be missed, you can find all collectibles during or after the story mode in all choosed dialogues. As soon as you have liberated all Mongol Territories, they will be marked on the map.

To complete the haiku, you have to interact with its marked position in the world and then choose from 3 poetry options. Each of them also unlocks a Vanity Gear item.


Region 1: Izuhara

#3 Haiku: Tsutsu Haiku (2:32)
#4 Haiku: Azamo Haiku (3:52)
#5 Haiku: Komatsu Haiku (5:16)
#6 Haiku: Kashine Haiku (6:46)
#7 Haiku: Ariake Haiku (8:16)
#8 Haiku: Komoda Haiku (9:41)
#9 Haiku: Hiyoshi Haiku (11:05)
#10 Haiku: Hiyoshi Springs (12:30) – You need to talk to the NPC.


Region 2: Toyotama

#1 Haiku: You get this during the main tale “Ghosts from the Past” in Act 2 (0:10)
#2 Haiku: You get this during the main tale “The Tale of Lord Shimura” in Act 3 (1:24)
#11 Haiku: Akashima Haiku (14:53)
#12 Haiku: Umugi Haiku (16:17)
#13 Haiku: Otsuna Haiku (17:42)
#14 Haiku: Kushi Haiku (19:08)
#15 Haiku: Kubara Haiku (20:36)
#19 Haiku: You get this during the side tale “The Proud Do Not Endure” but you have to complete first “Ghosts From the Past” in Act 2 (26:11)


Region 3: Kamiagata

#16 Haiku: (22:05)
#17 Haiku: (23:28)
#18 Haiku: (24:50)

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