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hot springs locations tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima there are a lot of collectibles you can find, most of them are optional but you need them all to unlock the platinum trophy.

In this guide we want to show you where you can find all hot springs. You need the Hot Springs for the following trophy:

  • Body, Mind, and Spirit
    Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

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Hot Springs Locations Guide

There are a total of 18 Hot Springs locations in the game. None of these collectibles can be missed, you can also find them according to the story. After liberating all Mongol Territories they will be shown as question marks on the map.

If you have found a hot spring, you just have to enter it, bathe in it, so that you get a dialog selection. Every hot spring increases your health a little. So it is very worthwhile, you can increase your overall health.

In addition to the health that you can improve, the hot springs also serve as a fast travel. So you don’t always have to ride, you can travel between the hot springs with the push of a button.

When you have found all 18 hot springs, you will not only have reached maximum health, you will also unlock the Fundoshi Armor!


Region 1: Izuhara (0:05)

#1: Seaside Hot Spring

#2: Quiet Basin Hot Spring

#3: Rising Tress Hot Spring

#4: Mountain View Hot Spring

#5: Golden Leaf Hot Spring

#6: Carved Mountain Hot Spring

#7: Hiyoshi Springs Hot Spring – To find this hot spring, you need to speak to the old woman in Hiyoshi Springs. She will then go to the village and you will need to speak to her again to use the hot spring there.

 #8: Castle Lookout Hot Spring

#9: Firefly Hill Hot Spring


Region 2: Toyotama (3:38)

#10: Marsh Tide Hot Spring

#11: Mossy Rest Hot Spring

#12: Yoshinaka Hot Spring

#13: Morning Glory Hot Spring

#14: Bamboo Forest Hot Spring

#15: Maple Shade Hot Spring


Region 3: Kamiagata (5:25)

#16: Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring

#17: White Mist Hot Spring

#18: Morimae Hot Spring

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