Ghost of Tsushima – How to Get Linen

Linen is important to get your armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima upgraded. You need less for a low level upgrades and even more Linen for a higher rank upgrade. All requirements for any upgrade can be found at any armorer, this is the place to upgrade your armor.


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Here is a Overview for how to get Linen:

There are not many ways to get Linen but here a the few ways
to get it.


  • Linen can be bought from Trappers in exchange for Supplies, so make always sure to gather all Supplies crossing your way.

  • Linen can be found at all Enemy Camps, while you’re doing your Main- and Side quests. The most common spot are the sleeping quarters at the enemy camps.

  • Linen are the most common Side Tale reward. The reward can be Linen, Leather or Silk, you can check it when you scroll over a quest icon, then you’ll see the reward for completing the quest.


Here is a Overview of all crafting materials:

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