Ghost of Tsushima – How to Get Steel

An another material in Ghost of Tsushima is Steel and it is being used to upgrade your melee weapon, the higher the rank, the higher is the Steel amount. Visit any Swordsmith to get your Sakai Tanto or your Sakai Katana upgraded.


An overview of all trophies can be found here. Back to Ghost of Tsushima – Overview for Collectibles, Armor, Weapons, Resources.


Here is a Overview for how to get Steel:


  • Steel can be bought as well from Trappers in exchange for Supplies, so it is important to gather all Supplies crossing your way.
  • Liberating Enemy Farms gives you a fixed amount of Steel, you can see it on your map by looking up for the red wheat icons. It counts also for liberating enemy outposts which you can see on your map as red dots. You don’t get Steel from Strongholds seen as red building icons on your map.
  • There is a good chance to get some Steel inside the enemy tents of the outposts. There are often some boxes, always open them as those have a chance containing some Steel.


Here is a Overview of all crafting materials:

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