Ghost of Tsushima – How to Get Supplies

Supplies are a very important part in Ghost of Tsushima. Those can be used like a currency to buy materials or items from vendors or to upgrade your weapons and armor. This is in fakt your real ingame money. You get some for defeating enemies or those can be find in all enemy camps. You get a lot of supplies during Main- or side quests, some of them are rarer than others.


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Here is a Overview for how to get Supplies:


  • Supplies can be found in chests but be careful because those are protected by enemy patrols. The chests containing often some Supplies, sometimes more, sometimes less. Even you did all Main- and Side quests, you can still gather Supplies with this method.

  • Supplies can be found at all Enemy Camps while you play your Main- and Side quests or liberating the Camp of the Red Mongol.

  • You can find plenty of Supplies on Mongol occupied Farms or check the liberated settlements, they have usual some Supplies left lying around.

  • Supplies can be found easily during all Side quests, be sure to check always around buildings.

  • The most common way is while you defeating your enemies, some are dropping good supplies, some nothing or ammo. So make sure to loot always the defeated corpse before you move on.


Here is a Overview of all crafting materials:

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