Ghost of Tsushima – How to Get Wax Wood

Wax Wood is one of the rarest material in Ghost of Tsushima and it is being used to craft high-level Bow upgrades. The other needed materials for upgrading your Bow are Baboo and Yew Wood which grow everywhere in the wild. Visit any Bowyer to get your Bow upgraded.


An overview of all trophies can be found here. Back to Ghost of Tsushima – Overview for Collectibles, Armor, Weapons, Resources.


Here is a Overview for how to get Wax Wood:


  • You can buy Wax Wood as well from Trappers in exchange for Supplies, so gather all Supplies crossing your way is a must to have enough available for your upgrades.
  • Actually you can gather a lot of Wax Wood while you looking up for the Inari Shrines. Here are all locations of the Fox Dens who leads you to the Inari Shrines.


Here is a Overview of all crafting materials:

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