Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Death from above Trophy Guide

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint there are many trophies and achievements you can unlock. These are mostly optional tasks that you do not necessarily need to complete the game successfully.

But if you want to reach the platinum trophy and 100%, you have to unlock all trophies. In this guide we explain the following trophy / achievement:

  • Death from above
    Kill an enemy 5 seconds after landing from a base jump.


An overview of all Ghost Recon Breakpoint trophies and guides can be found here.


Death from above – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

This task is actually self-explanatory. Nevertheless, we want to show you how to unlock this trophy.

For example, you can jump out of a helicopter, then land in close proximity to one or more enemies. Once you land, pull your weapon and kill an enemy.

The video below shows the whole thing.

Written by: Carizma

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