Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Mysterious Carillons Locations Giude

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, there are some collectibles and items you need to complete the game with 100%. In this guide we want to show you the locations of all mysterious chimes, which also unlock the following trophy or achievement:

  • Heart of Darkness
    Find all 8 mysterious carillons.

An overview of all Ghost Recon Breakpoint trophies and guides can be found here.


All Mysterious Carillons – Heart of Darkness

  • #1 – The first carillon can be found in Cemetery Forest, Smugglers Cove.
  • #2 – The second carillon can be found in Foremast Peak, Whalers Bay.
  • #3 – The third carillon can be found in Windy Island, Whalers Island Bivouac.
  • #4 – The fourth carillon can be found in the Egg Island area, southeast of the Albatross Hull Bivouac.
  • #5 – The fifth carillon can be found in Channels, Bivouac on Harbor Cove Island.
  • #6 – The sixth carillon can be found in the Cemetery Forest area, just south of the cave.
  • #7 – The seventh carillon can be found in the Driftwood Islands, Conical Hill area.
  • #8 – The eighth and final chimes are in New Argyll, Saddle Ridge Bivouac.

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  1. Robert Denham February 6, 2020 | Reply

    Bloody fantastic video no bs no over talking straight to the point job done thank you very much ?????

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