Gravitas Steam Achievements & Tips

In the first-person puzzle platforming game Gravitas you can unlock a total of 20 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!


Achievements List Gravitas

  • We are not alone
    Find a Shark in its natural habitat.

  • Extreme loiterer
    Find the Shark in…what are you even doing here?

  • True Appreciateur
    Find the third Shark.

  • Stargazer
    Find the fourth Shark.

  • Good listener
    Find the last Shark.

  • Welcome to the GORG
    Meet the Curator and complete his training.

  • Ascend
    Complete Level 1.

  • Tranquility
    Complete The Garden of Gravity.

  • Laser Surfer
    Complete Level 2.

  • Surprise
    Complete Level 3.

  • I will tell you at the end
    Complete Level 4.

  • Backstage
    Complete Level 5.

  • The End
    Finish the game.

  • Is this allowed?
    Jump the gap before getting the glove.

  • Beyond Genius
    Solve Level 4’s puzzle correctly.

  • Recycling
    Your mom would be proud.

  • What do these buttons do?
    Show your eagerness to learn, early on.

  • No Rush
    It’s never a bad time for SCIENCE. Except this time, this time was pretty bad.

  • Ain’t nobody got time for that
    Use only one box to beat The Garden of Gravity.

  • Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should
    Test the Curator’s groundbreaking new technology in Level 3.

Written by: Carizma

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