House of Ashes: Alle Picture Locations – Framed Pictures Trophies

There are some collectibles to be found in The Dark Pictures House of Ashes if you want them. You need these collectibles, among other things, if you want to unlock all trophies or achievements. In this guide we want to show you where all the pictures (gold, black and white) are hidden. You will unlock the following trophies:

  • Casualties of War
    Found all of the Black Framed Pictures

  • Portents
    Found all of the White Framed Pictures

An overview of all trophies and achievements can be found here in our trophy guide.


Framed Pictures Locations Guide

These clay tablets depict ancient figures, they give you a glimpse of a possible future for the characters you play. Pictures with a White Frame give you an premonition of a positive outcome. Pictures with a Black Frame show you the death of a character. There is only one picture with a gold frame in the game, which gives you hints for the next part.


Black Framed Pictures Locations

Arisen (Prologue/Cursed)
Arisen is the first picture you will find. You can find it during the prologue, on top of a pile of bones.


Tripwire (Bloodbath)
You can find the tripwire picture during the “Bloodbath” scene. After Rachel falls into the abyss and Eric meets up with Jason and Nick. Jason will go down a flight of stairs into a circular room. There you will find the picture on the pile of bones.


Thirst (The Signal)
You can find this picture during “The Signal” if you’re walking around outside the archaeological dig as Nick. This picture lies on a box in the middle of this area.


More pictures will follow soon!

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