Lucius III Steam Achievements & Tips

In the adventure game Lucius III you can unlock a total of 36 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!

Achievements List Lucius III

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 36
Missable Achievements:
Minimum Playthroughs


  • Student of the game
    Tutorial complete.

  • Meet & Greet
    Introduction Complete.

  • Crowned horseman
    Chapter 01 Complete.

  • Thy sword, thy preach
    Chapter 02 Complete.

  • The scale is even
    Chapter 03 Complete.

  • Death is a game we all play
    Chapter 04 Complete.

  • Punished by the devil
    Chapter 05 Complete.

  • From home to home
    Chapter 06 Complete.

  • No sympathy for the devil
    Chapter 07 Complete.

  • What! These things again?
    Find a Bobblehead.

  • There better be cake after these
    Find 12 Bobbleheads.

  • Is there any point to these?
    Find 30 Bobbleheads.

  • Last one! Where’s the cake?
    Find 66 Bobbleheads.

  • True Grit
    Create 2 deaths by hanging.

  • Burn mother… Burn
    Incinerate 8 persons.

  • Okay. Enough with the monologues!
    Skip the long monologue of Gabriel.

  • …and they say magicians don’t tip!
    Get 4 tips from the Sultan.

  • I wish I was big
    Get 1 tip from the Sultan.

  • The language shall remain dead
    Get 3 Latin hints.

  • Run Lola, Run!
    Make Samantha Morgan run for 30 seconds.

  • No child’s play
    Kill 5 kids.

  • You’re my heart, you’re my soul
    Eat five hearts.

  • …or the angel
    Kill an angel.

  • I have it all
    Collect all main items.

  • Killing the sailor man. Poop, poop
    Kill a person at the sea.

  • The Machinist
    Help Ceefor to build his machine.

  • Birth of Samara
    Make a person fall in the well.

  • There can be only one
    Kill your father.

  • The Doc could not make 88 mph
    Kill the doctor.

  • Why can’t they think of something new?
    Turn 5 crosses.

  • Cliffhanger
    Hang from a ledge 5 times

  • I keep on fallin’
    Die by a fall 5 times.

  • Master of disguises
    Wear 5 sets of clothes.

  • Mile long club
    Take a thousand steps.

  • Enter the pearly gates
    Enter the pearly gates.

  • Take the throne
    Take the throne from your father.

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