Madden NFL 22 – MUT Level Rewards Guide

Madden 22 also has the extensive MUT mode (Madden Ultimate Team). In this mode you have to drafting your own Ultimate Team, you have to open packs which you get from achievements and rewards, but there are also some to buy. We’ll show you the full list of all MUT level rewards.

You can make a pretty good team if you just grind your MUT level. But make sure that you meet your daily or seasonal goals and play as many games as you can! We’ll explain shortly how you can increase your MUT level in Madden NFL 22 as quickly as possible.

Have you seen the full list of all Madden 22 trophies and achievements? Here we have our trophy guide in the works.


MUT Level Rewards – Madden NFL 22

Level Reward
2 50 Training
3 10k Coins
4 1x 70+ Gold or Better Player
5 1x Season Champion Fantasy Pack, 1x Season Collectable
6 50 Training
7 1x Common Strategy Item
8 1x 62-81 Power Up Pass
9 1x 70+ Gold or Better Player
10 1x 86 OVR NAT Rookie Premiere Fantasy Pack
11 1x Common Strategy Item
12 10k Coins
13 1x Gold Team Fantasy Pack
14 50 Training
15 1x Season Collectable
16 1x Uncommon Strategy Item
17 1x Pro Fantasy Pack
18 10k Coins
19 62-81 OVRPower Up Pass
20 1x Elite Pack
21 100 Training
22 1x 70+ OVR Gold or Better Player
23 1x Common Strategy Item
24 10k Coins
25 1x Season Collectable
26 1x Gold Team Fantasy Pack
27 1x Uncommon Strategy Item
28 1x 82-82 OVR Power Up Pass
29 10k Coins
30 1x Rare Strategy Item
31 100 Training
32 1x Gridiron Pack
33 10k Coins
34 1x Common Strategy Item
35 1x Season Collectable
36 1x Pro Fantasy Pack
37 1x 82-82 Power Up Pass
38 10k Coins
39 1x Gridirion Pack
40 1x 89 OVR NAT Ultime Season Linval Joseph
41 10k Coins
42 1x Uncommon Strategy Item
43 1x 70+ OVR Gold or Better Player
44 10k Coins
45 1x 85-86 OVR Power Up Pass
46 1x Common Strategy Pack
47 1x Gridiron Pack
48 1x 87-88 OVR Power Up Pass
49 10k Coins
50 1x 91 OVR NAT Ultimate Season George Kittle

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