Marvel’s Spider-Man: All Boss Fights – Story related and optional

In Spider-Man 2018 you will have to face some objections, but there are also optional bosses.

In this guide, we’ll show you all the bosses in Marvel’s Spider-Man, all the bosses in the story, and any optional bosses. There are also some trophies you unlock when you kill bosses.

All Boss fight videos you see below were played with Spectacular Difficulty.

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Wilson Fisk Kingpin

This is the first Boss you must defeat, you will automatically hit him, inevitably.

At the beginning you see two towers in the room. Use L1 + R1 to destroy it. In the next phase you have to shoot at Fisk on nets to stun him, then perform a combo and repeat. When he calls his friends, focus them before you go back to the boss.



This is the second Boss you must defeat, you will automatically hit him, inevitably.

In the first phase, you have to dodge his attacks until he uses an explosion attack (AOE). Then his shield will go down and he will be vulnerable for a few seconds. Now you should quickly throw an object, with L1 + R1 and then a combo.

In the second phase, a shockwave is added. Dodge until he uses that ability, then jump to a safe place on the walls with L2 + R2. Go behind Shocker while using his shockwave and throw an object at him. Now he can be attacked.

In the third phase he is trapped under a chandelier. Dodge a few times until he stops attacking to recharge. This will give you an opening to draw L1 + R1 the parts of the chandelier. Repeat until the chandelier is destroyed and falls on Shocker.

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