Marvel’s Spider-Man: All Boss Fights – Story related and optional

Li – Boss Fight

There are several Li battles in Spider-Man. The fight In act 3, the trophy “Staying Positive” will be unlocked.

You have to dodge his attacks until he gets tired. Then you can edit it with combos. Dodge it again and again and attack when the triangle button appears.



Taskmaster is an optional side quest boss fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

When you have completed all 16 Taskmaster Challenges, he will pop up and attack you. You do not have to score gold in any challenge, just the minimum score for Bronze. Challenges become available throughout the game.



Tombstone is an optional boss fight. You must play the following 3 side missions and will fight Tombstone at the end:

  • Tombstone: On the Move
  • Tombstone: What’s He Building in There…
  • Tombstone: Let’s Get Ready To…

The first quest (On the Move) starts in Greenwich, Octavius Industries Lab. This side mission should be automatically available, you get it throughout the story.


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