Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide

Metal Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger is the newly released game developed by The Outsiders, a studio created by Battlefield veterans. At its essence, the game is like Doom as a rhythm game, with you doing better the closer you are to the song’s beat.

Game is easy for trophies. You can play the game on any difficulty, then complete extra Torment levels after completing Hell levels. After that, replay levels for the other items you can complete for the game. We’ll breakdown the trophy list on this awesome first person shooter.

Platinum Trophy

Trophies Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Complete all Trophies

Metal: Hellsinger Gold Trophies

When She Falleth – Destroyed the Red Judge
This Pounding Heart III – Reached Hit Streak: 35
This Pounding Heart IV – Reached Hit Streak: 50
The Empress – Killed 25 enemies while maintaining a Hit Streak
Raining Blood – Killed two Seraphs in one attack
Pazifist – Cleared a Hell using only Paz

Metal: Hellsinger Silver Trophies

For Whom the Bell Tolls – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Archeron
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Nihil
This Pounding Heart II – Reached Hit Streak: 20
Heavy Metal is the Law – Completed a Torment
Three of Pentacles – Achieved the top result in a Torment
Queen of the Underworld – Killed 50 Behemoths
No Rest for the Wicked – Completed all Torments
Kill Your Demons – Multi-killed 2 enemies
Not Shaken, Nor Stirred – Never hit off-beat in a Hell
The Ferrywoman – Killed 8 enemies in 4 seconds
The Sword is Sharper – Killed a Judge’s Aspect with Terminus

Metal: Hellsinger Bronze Trophies

Breaking the Law – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Voke
Dead and Buried – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Gehenna
Rise, Rebel, Resist – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Incaustis
Smoke on the Water – Destroyed the Red Judge
If I Can Make It Here – Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Stygia
This Pounding Heart – Reached Hit Streak: 10
Soaring in the Deep – Soared (Dash + Jump) 100 times
Piece of My Heart – Died in a Chaos Crystal explosion
Highways to Hell – Got 666 kills (game total)
Material Girl – Obtained all weapons
Who Wants to Live Forever – Died 20 times

Have you played Metal: Hellsinger? Did you enjoy this rhythm-based shooter? Let us know in the comments!

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