Modern Warfare 2019 – Companion Block Trophy Guide

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) there are some trophies you can unlock. If you want to reach the platinum trophy you have to unlock all trophies. In this guide we want to explain you the following task:

  • Companion Block
    Only use one cinder block and bring it to the end of ‘Embedded’.

Here’s an overview of all the trophies and achievements in our Modern Warfare (2019) Trophy Guide.


Companion Block – Modern Warfare

You can unlock this trophy in Mission 3, Embedded.

At the beginning of the mission you come to a place where Farah goes right to some trucks. This is part of the story as you have to pick up the cinder block to get past the guards. Bring the same cinder block until the end of the mission! You can drop the cinder block in each enemy section, so you can eliminate your opponents. But do not forget to pick up the cinder block again and again!

Written by: Carizma

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