Mortal Kombat 11 – Not Dead Yet Trophy Guide

Mortal Kombat 11 – Not yet dead – MERCY trophies and achievements guide

MERCY is a special move that revives a dying enemy and gives him some health. It can only be used in the last round of the game! If it says “Finish Him / Her“, go to the middle and press the following keys:

  • PS4: L2 + DOWN, L2 + DOWN, L2 + DOWN


Press the same combination three times in quick succession. To make it easier, repeat very quickly L2 + DOWN. Do this in 10 games to unlock the trophy.

Medium distance means that you have to be about 4 steps away from your opponent. If you do not keep this distance, it will not work.

Step 1: Press the Options button in the main menu to access the game options – Gameplay – Rounds to Win = 1.

Step 2: Fight – Local – Select any character and select the CPU opponent VERY EASY.

Step 3: Reduces the opponent’s health so that “Finish Him / Her” is displayed.

Step 4: Now press L2 + DOWN, L2 + DOWN, L2 + DOWN in the middle in quick succession.

Step 5: Eliminate your opponent, click on “Repeat” after the game and repeat the whole thing.

Here you can find all PS4 trophies, including tips and solutions.

Not Dead Yet Video Guide

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