To complete Mortal Shell with 100% and the platinum trophy, you have to find all collectibles. In this guide we want to help you with the “You Seem Different” trophy.

In Mortal Shell there are a total of 4 Shells collectibles, which you need to unlock the following trophy:

  • You Seem Different…
    Unlock all of the Shells in the game.

  • Flesh and Instinct
    Find your first Shell.

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Mortal Shell – Shell Locations

These instructions are under construction. More details, pictures and a video will follow soon!


In Mortal Shell, shells are basically like character classes. Each shell has individual abilities and attributes, which you can also upgrade later.

You can all 4 shells can be found in the starting area of Fallgrim, if you have defeated the boss from the tutorial, Hadern (Face Off Trophy).


Harros, the Vassal

When you have finished the tutorial, you will be in the Forest of Fallgrim. Walk the path to the fork in the road, then turn left to find this first shell.


Solomon, the Scholar

When you are at the Fallgrim Tower, look towards Sester Genessa and go through the door to the right and continue straight into the cave.

There you will come across the miniboss Grischa. Defeat the boss and go down the slope, crawl through the hole and after the next enemy you can pick up the shell from the ground, by the torch.


Tiel, the Acolyte

Go left from Fallgrim Tower with a view of Sester Genessa and crawl through the hole, keep going until you come to the cemetery. Look around you, on the other side you see brigands sitting.

To your right, you will find a blocked hole. Which you have to break open to crawl to the other side. Defeat the miniboss Ven Noctivagu. Once he’s dead, you can interact with the shell on the floor on the left.


Eredrim, the Venerable

Where you fought Grisha, it went to the Solomon shell, go to the right and through the hole. Then continue along the left wall to the stone slabs and large rectangular blocks that lead to a tower. Now go down the path to the stone area, you will find this shell on an overturned block on the left.

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  1. Ben September 18, 2020 | Reply

    I found all four shells on two different playthroughs and the trophy has not appeared.

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