Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Trophy Guide & Roadmap

In the PS4 game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker you can unlock a total of 48 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, tactics and tips. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here!

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Trophies List Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

Estimated time for platinum: 150-200 hours
Total Trophies: 48 (1,3,8,36)
Offline trophies: 36
Online trophies: 12
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs 1


Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Trophy Guide

PVE – VR Missions

VR missions are the story mode of the game. You can play them in the VR Ninjutsu Arena. You can unlock additional missions by talking to the NPCs in the village. Your level does not matter, just look for the villagers and talk to them, get new quests there.

If you do not find all the quest givers, we have a separate guide to all villagers and their missions: Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker: All VR Missions

It is recommended to play the missions in the online co-op, this is much easier. To unlock the trophies, it does not matter if you do the missions online or solo. The VR missions are divided into multiple ranks, you must complete all, including the S-Rank difficulty.


  • Perfect Ninja
    Acquired all the trophies.

  • Power Squad
    [Battle] Won 100 Combat Battles.

  • Ninja Incarnate
    [Battle] Won 100 Flag Battles.

  • Ruler of the Battlefield
    [Battle] Won 100 Base Battles.

  • To Greater Heights
    Completed all VR Missions.

  • Professor
    Learned every Ninjutsu.

  • Veteran Ninja
    [Battle] Took part in 1000 battles.

    This trophy will take a lot of time! You have to play 1000 PVP matches, you do not have to win. If you lose, it counts too. A match takes 7 to 10 minutes, which can be roughly 120 to 160 hours.

  • Fighter of All Trades
    [Battle] Completed 100 battles as an Attack Type.

    Win or lose 100 fights with the Attack Type (Custom Character). You only have to play each match from start to finish, whether you win or lose.

  • Grasping the Horizon
    [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Ranged Type.

  • Proudly Impenetrable
    [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Defense Type.

  • Healing Hands
    [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Heal Type.

  • Rare Connoisseur
    Appraised 500 scrolls.

  • Elite Squad
    [Battle] Won 10 Combat Battles.

  • Exam Passed!
    [Battle] Won 10 Flag Battles.

  • Guardian of the Battlefield
    [Battle] Won 10 Base Battles.

  • Teamwork!
    [VR Missions] Completed the Bell-Stealing Exercise.

  • Found a Rare…Thing?
    [VR Missions] Completed Kakashi’s Special Mission.

  • Youth Personified!
    [VR Missions] Completed Free Practice of Passionate Youth!

  • Fake Sleeper
    [VR Missions] Completed Gamabunta in Peril!

  • Inheriting the Will of the Flame
    [VR Missions] Completed Destruction of the Leaf.

  • One Fell Swoop
    [VR Missions] Completed A Tense Pursuit.

  • After-Party
    [VR Missions] Completed Welcome to My Art Exhibit!

  • The Snake’s Skin
    [VR Missions] Completed Hidden Leaf Forest Night Terrors.

  • Overcoming Pain
    [VR Missions] Completed Storming the Akatsuki Fortress.

  • Catching the Monster Fish
    [VR Missions] Completed The Inescapable Water Prison.

  • Women in Love are Strong!
    [VR Missions] Completed Byakugan.

  • It’s a Rap
    [VR Missions] Completed Checka-Checka-Check It Out!♪

  • Sharingan Defeated!
    [VR Missions] Completed Uchiha Power.

  • Another Rival
    [VR Missions] Completed It’s Training Time!

  • Secret Technique Unleashed!
    Activated 10 Secret Technique Ninjutsu.

  • Up and Coming Ninja
    [VR Missions] Completed Basic Training.

  • Light as a Brushstroke
    [VR Master] Raised Sai’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Ninja Leader
    [VR Master] Raised Kakashi’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Endless Youth
    [VR Master] Raised Rock Lee’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Tactician on the Veranda
    [VR Master] Raised Shikamaru’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Glutton Party
    [VR Master] Raised Choji’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Next to the Sunlight
    [VR Master] Raised Hinata’s Training Rank to 5.

  • The True Meaning of Love
    [VR Master] Raised Gaara’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Ready to Explode
    [VR Master] Raised Deidara’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Monster Fish Assault
    [VR Master] Raised Kisame’s Training Rank to 5.

  • He Who Knows Pain
    [VR Master] Raised Pain’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Ladder to the Future
    [VR Master] Raised Itachi’s Training Rank to 5.

  • The Self-Seeker
    [VR Master] Raised Kabuto’s Training Rank to 5.

  • A Bridge of Bonds
    [VR Master] Raised Konan’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Hidden Leaf: The Next Generation
    [VR Master] Raised Boruto’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Scion of the Uchiha
    [VR Master] Raised Sarada’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Moon in the Darkness
    [VR Master] Raised Mitsuki’s Training Rank to 5.

  • Scroll Appraiser
    Appraised 50 scrolls.

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