NBA 2K23: How to Request a Trade

NBA 2K23 Trade

NBA 2K23 players can’t choose the team they start with, but they can seek a move later. Playing a few season games may be required. The stages are the same, and adequate preparation could allow players to be traded as desired.

Trading is one of the best opportunities for NBA players to live out their dreams. In NBA 2K23, they can leave a dissatisfying team to play somewhere more to their liking or try to get traded to their favorite teams to play with superstars. No of a player’s aspirations, asking a trade is easy.

How do I request to be traded?

Navigate to MyCareer in the main menu to request a trade. Choose “Request a Trade” next. After then, players must wait 3 in-game days, or 5 real-life minutes. Finally, players will be traded. It’s crucial to realize that players can boost their chances of being picked by a club by increasing team interest. Perform well in NBA 2K23 regular season games to do this. No trades can be made if no teams are interested at the time of the request.

NBA 2K23 Trade Requests

Before requesting a trade in NBA 2K23, keep a few things in mind. You should know there are several ways to be traded. When playing well in season games is the best way to get noticed by players’ favorite teams, but they can also play poorly to get traded.  Then, players will be traded to a random team when a trade is requested.


Moving forward, if players wish to get traded to a specific team, they shouldn’t select the position of a player already playing well in NBA 2K23. However, players are playing phenomenally at that position, the home team won’t trade. Players have a better chance of making their favorite team by picking an average position. Players should now be able to request trades easily.

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