Nioh 2 DLC All Kodama Locations in the Buddha’s Palm

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja released the new DLC Darkness In The Capital for Nioh 2 and you can earn new trophies and collect new collectibles. This Guide is all about the Kodama Locations plus the Hot Springs location which you need for the trophy Spa Fanatic. You will also get the trophy Kodama Pathfinder once you have collected all 6 Kodamas in this mission and the rest of all Kodamas in the other missions (you can find all of them in our trophy guide, link below).

This Guide will show you the locations of each of the 6 Kodamas and the Hot Springs Location in the mission The Buddha’s Palm in one continous path.

  • Kodama Pathfinder
    Collected all Kodama in “Darkness in the Capital”.

  • Spa Fanatic
    Bathed in every hot spring found in “Darkness in the Capital”.

More Guides and News about Nioh 2 you will find on our overview page. Here you can find our Darkness in the Capital Trophy Guide.

Kodama Locations in the Mission: The Buddha’s Palm

  • #1 Kodama Location – (00:11)
  • #2 Kodama Location – (00:39)
  • #3 Kodama Location – (01:09)
  • #4 Kodama Location – (02:00)
  • #Hot Springs Location – (03:25)
  • #5 Kodama Location – (03:52)
  • #6 Kodama Location – (04:05)

Buddha’s Palm – All Kodama Locations

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