Nioh 2 Tengus Disciple – Hot Spring Locations Guide

With the new Nioh 2 DLC Tengus Disciple, new trophies and collectibles have also been added. In this guide we want to explain the following trophy:

  • Spa Addict
    Bathed in every hot spring found in "The Tengu’s Disciple".

An overview of all new Nioh 2 trophies can be found here.


Nioh 2 Hot Spring Locations Guide

There are a total of 3 new hot springs. One of these collectibles can be found in each of the new regions. You can easily find two of the hot springs, the third is not only well hidden, it is also closed!


A Song to Calm the Storm

#1 – From the shrine you see in the video below, walk a few meters and then turn left. Run through the red walls, keep to the right, then you will come to the first hot spring.


Shadows Creep

#2 – From the shrine you see in the video below, turn around and go through the Northern Gate. Then run through the gorge until you come to a ladder. Ascend the ladder and go up the stone bridge directly to the left. At the junction you go left. You will then come to a ladder, descend it and you will find the hot spring.


Eternal Rivals

#3 – From the shrine you see in the video below, go straight to the left. Then you walk down the wooden path on the right. When you’re down, run left to the wall with the yokai. You recognized two eyes in the wall with which you have to interact..

Once you’ve opened the wall, you’ll need to find the Hot Spring Chamber Key. Now you can leave the cave, then immediately go left to a gate with bamboo, use the chamber key and you have found the last hot spring.


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