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Persona 5 Royal is a top tier JRPG that are loved by players worldwide. Real-world acts in-game boost your Metaverse powers. Persona is full of friends and part-time jobs to make a few extra yen.

Map alerts might overwhelm rookie players. While there is no proper way to play a Persona game, there are several early moves that will help. Here is a guide on how you can maximize your gameplay.

Persona 5 Royal: Take care of your plants

Persona 5 The Royal Plants

Real-world social metrics growth takes time. The plant is an excellent way to get a social metric without wasting effort. A simple bedroom background may be a source of kindness.

Once a week, feed this plant. Food donations earn 1-3 compassion points. Feeding your plant takes no time and may be done before doing something else, boosting your social stats without wasting time.

Persona 5 Royal: Calling Postcards

You’ll want to rank up after spending time with a confidant. Hangouts merely for additional points can lead to fascinating character moments, but it’s a waste of time compared to ranking up during that hangout.

From September through October, Calling Postcards may be purchased in Shibuya and shipped from Yongen-Jaya. These postcards grant one confidant point without requiring any in-game time. This lets you give someone enough points to hang out without wasting time.

Persona 5 Royal: Get your Smoothies weekly

Persona 5 The Royal Smoothie

Smoothie stand in Shibuya subway. Smoothies are 5,000 Yen more expensive than normal. Every Sunday, you may buy a smoothie from this kiosk to boost your social score.

If you buy the presently offered smoothie, a new one will be available next week. If you don’t buy that week’s smoothie, it’s available the next week. After buying a smoothie for all five metrics, the rotation continues as you buy smoothies.

Caroline and Justine’s Confidant

Caroline and Justine’s confidants are harder to rank up than others, but their rewards can snowball your strength. This confidant’s rewards boost Personas to make them stronger than those in palaces.

Their early levels are helpful, but their final rank lets you buy Personas stronger than Joker’s. With enough Yen, Joker can construct Personas with far greater attributes and abilities.

Persona 5 Royal: Billiards/Darts

Persona 5 The Royal Billards

Persona 5 Royal adds the Penguin Sniper Lounge. You may play Darts or Billiards after finding it. Billiards requires buying particular goods to win a round and boost your technical rating and adversary down rate.

Darts is an invite-only minigame. If you and a teammate win, their Baton Pass ability levels up. A successful baton pass gives a Party member extra damage, healed Health, and restored SP. These stats help you win battles and recover SP for Palace exploration.

Fusing in Persona 5 Royal

Persona determines Joker’s attributes, talents, and affinities. This allows you to play him as you choose. Fusing Personas gives Joker stronger Personas.

The fusing process increases Personas dependent on the confidant’s level, perhaps past Joker’s. It also lets you teach a Persona an ability it wouldn’t ordinarily learn to mix and match skills.

Raise Party Confidants

All party members are confidants and have similar perks. If you have favorites you always utilize, it’s ideal to max rank them.

These talents let them assault Joker again. As a free action, they can heal an ally’s status affliction. They can shelter Joker from a deadly hit, which ends the game.

Persona 5 Royal: Optimize hangouts

Persona games have confidants. Spending time with them can benefit all elements of the game. Each confidant has a tale they tell over the 10 hangouts, so you should be efficient with your time.

Each confidant is an Arcana. Having the confidant’s arcana Persona increases your score for right answers. If you have to hang out with someone not for a rank, bring them a present and make the next meet-up for a rank.

Hifumi’s Confidant

Hifumi’s provides the best fight rewards. The church Shogi player is only mentioned in passing by the Phantom Thieves.

Hifumi lets Joker switch party members mid-battle. At her ultimate rank, she lets anybody transfer out on a turn, something Futaba’s ability can only accomplish. This ability gives additional team members, not in the initial party of four, more weight and can make boss fights simpler because you’re now employing the SP of eight characters instead of four.

Persona 5 Royal: Farming Money

Persona 5 The Royal Farming Money

Yoshida’s tale isn’t the most engaging, but his early game ability may destroy the game’s economy. His early confidant rewards let you beg for shadow money until you fail.

This mechanism can help you harvest hundreds of thousands of yen from a single adversary. If you give Joker a low-level persona and teach them elemental attacks, they’ll easily defeat shadows. You can repeatedly ask an opponent for money without killing the shadow. This lets you farm for less than an hour and make millions.

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Written by: Rai O.

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