Raft – Steam Achievements Guide

In the survival game RAFT you can unlock a total of 30 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!

Trophies List Raft

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 30
Missable Achievements:
Minimum Playthroughs


  • This goes here!

  • Teamplay!
    Team up with a friend in multiplayer.

  • Master survivor!
    Survive 365 days.

  • It’s better without the salt.
    Craft and place a simple purifier.

  • Is there a Utopia?

  • Intermediate survivor!
    Survive 7 days.

  • Intermediate Shark Hunter!
    Kill 10 sharks.

  • Intermediate Painter!
    Paint 200 blocks.

  • Intermediate Gatherer!
    Hook 500 items.

  • Intermediate Builder!
    Build 100 foundations.

  • Intermediate Bird Hunter!
    Kill 10 birds.

  • Hoarder!
    Have 20 storages on the same raft.

  • Farmer!
    Have 20 cropplots on the same raft.

  • Exploring the depths!

  • Expert survivor!
    Survive 30 days.

  • Expert Shark Hunter!
    Kill 50 sharks.

  • Expert Painter!
    Paint 1000 blocks.

  • Expert Gatherer!
    Hook 5000 items.

  • Expert Builder!
    Build 1000 foundations.

  • Expert Bird Hunter!
    Kill 50 birds.

  • Dinnertime!
    Craft and place a simple grill.

  • Bookworm!
    Research everything in the research table.

  • Beginner survivor!
    Survive 1 day.

  • Beginner Shark Hunter!
    Kill a shark.

  • Beginner Painter!
    Paint 50 blocks.

  • Beginner Gatherer!
    Hook 100 items.

  • Beginner Builder!
    Build 10 foundations.

  • Beginner Bird Hunter!
    Kill a bird.

  • Aye Aye Captain!
    Craft and place a sail and a stationary anchor.

  • An Ocean Cemetary!

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