In RAGE 2 there are so-called “Data Pads” to find. These are optional collectibles that can unlock activities and optional missions.

In this guide we want to show you all data pad locations. The data pads contain additional information about the Story, you can read them in the menu: select the tab Log and then in the left navigation the item Info.

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This guide is under construction and will be extended!


Data Pad Locations in Rage 2

Vineland – Start Area

In the start area we found 4 data pads.

#1 Data Pad 00:11 – Ranger Report: Ravine Ambush Site
#2 Data Pad 00:25 – Vineland Refueling Base Is Lost
#3 Data Pad 00:46 – Prowley’s Project “Legacy”
#4 Data Pad 01:16 – Ranger Report: Checkpoint Bridge Overrun


Gunbarrel – Broken Tract

In the trading city we found 8 data pads.

#1 Data Pad 00:13 – Exciting Excavations 1
#2 Data Pad 00:27 – Cactus Jack
#3 Data Pad 00:47 – Message From E. Prowley
#4 Data Pad 00:59 – Black Baron – Visions
#5 Data Pad 01:11 – Greenside Lookout MIA
#6 Data Pad 01:37 – The Legendary Snakers
#7 Data Pad 02:00 – The Warning: Pestilent Park
#8 Data Pad 02:34 – Bandit Flyer



In Weelspring there are many data pads to find, some of them you can reach only when you have completed the two missions (Mutant Bash TV). This gives you access to the Club Winner’s Lounge, this part can not be missed because it’s part of the story. In the office of Klegg Clayton you can find some Datapad collectibles.

#1 Data Pad 00:23 – Get the Gear or Git!
#2 Data Pad 00:47 – Message From The Swill Baron
#3 Data Pad 01:02 – I’m Not Paying
#4 Data Pad 01:23 – The Dumpster
#5 Data Pad 01:50 – Pipe Down
#6 Data Pad 02:13 – Wellspring Public Library
#7 Data Pad 02:22 – Mako – Goons Spotted
#8 Data Pad 02:38 – Wyatt Ferris – New Office
#9 Data Pad 02:48 – Update – South-east Elevator
#10 Data Pad 03:32 – The Report From the Scraplands
#11 Data Pad 03:54 – Sinkhole Dwell Is Lost

Kleggys Office
#12 Data Pad 04:27 – Unca Kleggy’s Swamp
#13 Data Pad 04:47 – Office Decorations
#14 Data Pad 05:07 – Industrial Salvage For Ya
#15 Data Pad 05:17 – Note From Chaz

After the Boss Fight against Jumbo
#16 Data Pad 06:35 – Jumbo Needs Lookin
#17 Data Pad 07:28 – Feeding Jumbo


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Written by: Carizma

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  1. Ryan May 20, 2019 | Reply

    Please update for Stiltown!

    • J.P. May 20, 2019 | Reply

      Stiltown 100% video has been added

  2. Pope Salty May 18, 2019 | Reply

    Is there a way to see which data pads you have collected? Surely there is a way to access collected data pads and re-inspect them, right? But I have been through every part of the menu, and I can’t find a thing. Really frustrating, because my sensor says I’m missing something in Gunbarrel, but I can’t seem to figure out what, despite having watched videos detailing where the collectibles are. VERY frustrating.

    • J.P. May 18, 2019 | Reply

      We have not found anything in the menu, unfortunately. At which point in Gunbarrel does the sensor indicate something?

      In other places you can see on the map how many data pads, ark chests and storage boxes are available and how many you have already found, unfortunately, this is not in the cities.

    • Dave nyce May 31, 2019 | Reply

      Pope Salty, take the Icarus coptor & fly over gunbarrel theres a purple chest on the roof , it took me hours to figure what the signal was showing

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