Red Dead Online: All Gang Hideouts and Treasure Maps

As in the main game to Red Dead Redemption 2, there are also gang hideouts in online mode. By finding and cleaning these hideouts you will receive, among other things, new treasure maps. In this guide we show you all the locations of these hideouts in Red Dead Online.

The covert hideout are distributed on the complete map, besides, there are different gangs at work.


RDR2 Online – All Gang Hideouts Locations

Gang Hideouts in online mode always random spawns, so it may be that you do not find a known hideout in the same place. If you have plundered a hideout, it will take some time for the gang to reopen their hiding place. But you can also avoid this by, for example, making a server change.

Treasure maps: You can also get treasure maps in the hideout – hideout seem to be the only way to get treasure maps. But you do not get a card in every hiding place.

Now you see a complete RDR2 online map with all locations of the gangs. Below you will find some descriptions of the hideout.


Written by: Carizma

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