Remnant From the Ashes: Audio Recordings Locations Guide

Some new content, puzzles and collectibles have been added with the Remnant DLC Subject 2923. In this guide we want to help you to find all audio records.

You also need the audio records to unlock one of the new achievements / trophies:

  • Other Voices
    Listen to all the Recordings in Ward Prime


Recordings Locations Guide

There are a total of 4 recording in Ward Prime that give you some backstory to subject 2923, this is the second area of the DLC.

#1 Observatory Audio Recording (0:09)
Go to the Observatory area, B1. The audio log is on the console.

#2 Medical Bay Audio Recording (1:01)
Go to Medical Bay and break open the glass door to get inside. As soon as you have entered the room, grab the maintenance key and destroy the bookshelf that hides the hole to the next room. In this next room you will find the audio protocol on the counter next to the operating table.

#3 Reactor Bay Entrance Recording (1:26)
Before you enter the Reactor Bay area, go into the left room in front of it. From there, go down the hall across from the reactor control room. The way is blocked. So go straight from there to the storage room. You can find the audio login here.

#4 Laboratory Audio Recording (1:52)
The first thing you need to do is unlock the medical storage room so that the Ward Prime key card can access the laboratory. Go to the Medical Chief’s room and interact with the computer. Once the medical storage room is open, go inside and grab the Ward Prime key card, then unlock the lab. There are three blocked doors in the lower part of the laboratory. If you have access to the one on your left there, you will come across the final shot of the Ward Prime area.


Have you found the deadly submachine gun yet? Here we show you the solution to the puzzle.

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