Resident Evil 2 Remake – Key Locations Guide

To play Resident Evil 2 remake through the story, you need several keys, but these keys must first be found. In this guide we show you where you can find the keys.

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All Key Locations – Club Key, Heart Key, Diamond Key & Spade Key Locations

You can find 4 keys in total, but one of them is only available in the campaign with Claire.


Spade Key

The Spade Key is the first key you will find. It is located in a room on the 3rd floor of the west side of the police station near the West Storage Room.

You can find this key after Marvin has given you the Combat Knife to unlock the control panel that gives you access to the West hallways. Follow the hall to the Operations Room, where you climb into the ventilation shaft. When you climb down again, you get to the other side of the hallway. Go on the path to the stairs, go upstairs and find the spade key in the adjacent room on the desk.


Diamond Key

You will receive the Diamond Key in the Parking Garage section, in the morgue. In the Morgue you will find several lockers, in one is a corpse, next to this is the check key.


Club Key

The Club Key can be found in the boiler room on the first floor.

To get there you need the metal Crank, which you can find on one of the tables in the Jail. Then go back to the main hall and to the east part of the 2nd floor. Right at the Art Room you will find a passage that was previously closed. With the metal crank you can continue here.

Go up the stairs and across the balcony to the East Storage Room. You will then fall down and get to the roof, you will find automatically to the boiler room, there you will find the Club Key.


Heart Key

You can find the Heart Key in the private collection room on the second floor. You can only get this key in the campaign with Claire.

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