Resident Evil 8 Village Puzzle Solutions Guide

You have problems with the statues in the bathhouse? You can’t solve a riddle? We want to help you to solve all puzzles in Resident Evil 8 Village!

So that you can complete Resident Evil 8 Village you have to solve many puzzles. Some of them are quite easy, others are quite difficult to solve. Once you have played through the game, you will unlock further difficulties.

With our guide you can remember all puzzle solutions and safe codes and look at them again and again. If you want to do a 3 hour run in Resident Evil 8 Village, you have to be damn fast!

You can find an overview of all trophies and achievements here.


All puzzle solutions explained

Puzzle overviwe

  • Hall of War Puzzle: You must swing the flame and light the fires
  • Statues Puzzle, Hall of Ablution: Turn every statue once except the horse.
  • Piano puzzle: Simply press the piano keys, each note only has to be correct once.
  • Ball maze puzzle: You have to move the platform of the miniature castle so that the ball gets into the tower with the red flag.
  • Bells Puzzle: Shoot all 5 bells in the Atelier room. You can’t miss #1, #2 on the right on the cupboard, #3 on the moving machine, #4 Look through the window, #5 on the chandelier
  • Dungeon Coffin Room: Blast the wall with explosives and swing the braziers to set them on fire.
  • Village Workshop Safe Code: 07-04-08.
  • Beneviento house door code: 05-29-11
  • Beneviento house music box: cylinder 2 to slot 1 | Cylinder 4 to slot 2 | Cylinder 3 to slot 5 | Cylinder 4 to slot 3
  • Beneviento House Movie Projector: Plush Toy | Village book | Baby | Music box | Wedding ring
  • Beneviento House Door with Seals: Raven with Left Wing / Three Golden Closed Eyes
  • Moreau Sluice Gate Control: upper row = blue, white, orange / middle row = white, orange, black / lower row = orange, blue, blue


Hall of War Brazier

Location: Dimitrescu Castle B1, Hall of War

In the hall of war you will see a hanging flame in the middle of the room. Left and right of it are two braziers that you have to light. Simply move the flame by walking against it, it controls so that both braziers ignite.


Hall of Ablution Puzzle

Location: Castle Dimitrescu 2F, Hall of Ablution

In the Hall of Ablution you can see four statues. You have to turn them in the right order so that the liquid in the basin drains. You have to move all statues once, except the horse:

  • Horse: Directed to the right towards women
  • Woman: Directed upwards to Lady
  • Lady: Directed downwards towards woman
  • Three men: Facing down on horseback


Piano Puzzle

Location: Castle Dimitrescu 1F, Opera Hall

You have to hit the right note for every note. When you press a key, the red dot moves on the sheet of music. Find the right key and the point turns dark red and stops. Then it goes to the next note.


It will continue shortly! Stay tuned!

Written by: Carizma

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