Rust: How to Get Cloth – This is how you find the Rare Material

RUST Farm Cloth

Cloth is one of the most important resources in Rust, but also one of the rarest. There are enough cloth to be found, but with so many crafting recipes used, it can be difficult enough to find, especially if you are playing on a high-population server. Cloth can be found in a number of ways, and you need this material to make tools, clothing, and other items. Here’s how to get cloth in Rust.


How to get Cloth in rust

Cloth can be harvested from hemp fibers, small green plants that grow in areas of grass. To get cloth from these plants, simply walk up to them and press the button to harvest them. Each plant gives you 10 cloth and one hemp seed with which you can start your own hemp poor. However, agriculture costs time and resources. Hence, it is best to look for hemp fiber plants to find cloth in the early stages of the game.

You can often find hemp fiber in grassy areas, mostly in wide plains or wooded areas. If you have trouble finding one, stay away from bases and populated areas.

Another way to get cloth is hunting, you can get cloth from hunted animals. Different animals produce different amounts of cloth , and different tools produce different amounts of material from a single animal. When you use a bone knife, you can get most of the stuff from animals:

  • Chicken: 6 cloth
  • Boar: 10 cloth
  • Scientists: 20 cloth
  • Deer: 25 cloth
  • Horse: 25 cloth
  • Wolf: 30 cloth
  • Bear: 50 cloth

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