RUST Steam Achievements Guide and Tips

In the game RUST you can unlock a total of 65 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!


Achievements List RUST

  • Place Camp Fire
    Place a camp fire

  • Craft Camp Fire
    Craft a campfire

  • Collect Wood
    Collect 100 Wood

  • Craft Stone Hatchet

  • Craft Stone Pickaxe

  • Place Sleeping Bag
    Place a sleeping bag

  • Collect 200 Stone

  • Craft Spear
    Craft a wooden spear

  • Craft Sleeping Bag
    Craft a Sleeping Bag

  • Collect 30 Cloth
    Collect 30 Cloth

  • Collect 700 Wood
    Collect 700 Wood

  • Craft Building Plan
    Craft a Building Plan

  • Craft Hammer
    Craft a Hammer

  • Construct Base
    Construct a Base

  • Upgrade Base
    Upgrade your base

  • Craft Wooden Door
    Craft a Wooden Door

  • Craft Lock
    Craft a lock

  • Place Wooden Door
    Place a Wooden Door

  • Place Lock
    Place a Lock

  • Lock the Lock
    Lock the Lock

  • Craft Tool Cupboard
    Craft a Tool Cupboard

  • Place Tool Cupboard
    Place a tool Cupboard

  • Collect 50 Cloth
    Collect 50 Cloth

  • Craft Hunting Bow
    Craft a Hunting Bow

  • Craft Arrows
    Craft some Arrows

  • Kill an Animal
    Kill an Animal

  • Skin an Animal
    Skin an Animal

  • Craft Burlap Headwrap
    Craft a Burlap Headwrap

  • Craft Burlap Shirt
    Craft a Burlap Shirt

  • Craft Burlap Pants
    Craft Burlap Pants

  • Equip Clothing
    Equip 3 pieces of clothing

  • Craft Wooden Box
    Craft a Wooden Box

  • Place Wooden Box
    Place a Wooden Box

  • Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel
    Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel

  • Craft a Furnace
    Craft a Furnace

  • Place a Furnace
    Place a Furnace

  • Collect 300 Metal Ore
    Collect 300 Metal Ore

  • Craft a Machete
    Craft a Machete

  • Visit a Road
    Visit a Road

  • Collect 65 Scrap
    Collect 65 Scrap

  • Destroy 10 Barrels
    Destroy 10 Barrels

  • Craft a Workbench
    Craft a Workbench

  • Place a Workbench
    Place a Workbench

  • Craft a Nailgun
    Craft a Nailgun

  • Craft Nailgun Nails
    Craft Nailgun Nails

  • Research an Item
    Research an Item

  • Craft a Research Table
    Craft a Research Table

  • Place a Research Table
    Place a Research Table

  • Glutton
    Completely fill your food bar

  • Sealbreaker
    Completely fill your hydration bar

  • Save The Planet
    Recycle an empty can at a recycler

    Recyclers are found within or near monuments around the map.

  • I’m the Captain now
    Reach the bridge of the Cargo Ship

    The cargo ship command is a server event.

  • On The Deck
    Land a minicopter on an oil rig Helipad

  • Giddy Up!
    Ride a horse for 1km

  • Something of a scientist myself
    Kill 5 Scientists

  • First Notes
    Play your first instrument

  • Musical Maestro
    Play every instrument

  • Getting the band together
    Join a team of at least 4 people where everyone has instruments equipped

  • Cool Kids Club
    Be in a team where every team member is riding a Boogie Board or Inner Tube (minimum 4 members)

  • Paparazzi
    Take a photo of another player

  • Sunglasses at Night
    Equip a pair of sunglasses after the sun goes down

  • Radical
    Splash another player with a Water Pistol while that player is irradiated

  • Soaked
    Soak another player above the damage threshold using a water gun.

  • Liquidator
    Get a kill using a water gun.

  • No Pressure
    Get a kill with a super soaker pumped at the lowest pressure.

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