Saints Row 2022: Top Skills to Use

Saints Row 2022 has thirteen active Skills and only four spaces to equip them to. On this guide, we’ll explore the talents we used most often.

Tough Mother

This ability replaces your red segmented health bar with a solid yellow bar that absorbs damage before your health depletes again. It prevents staggering. Using this before taking damage will often keep you alive better than relying on Tranfusion to restore health, but the two can be used in tandem. It provides great protection and is our most-used skill.

Frag Out

Although not the most powerful Skill, being able to toss a frag grenade for one unit of Flow is often handy. Saints Row lacks grenades (2022). You used to treat grenades like any other form of munition; they had ammo, you could swap between different varieties, and when you ran out, you bought more from Friendly Fire.

Skills address most of Saints Row (2022)’s explosive demands. This means they’re functionally endless as long as you have enough Flow to use the new Skills. You’re limited by Flow, so you can’t load up on grenades before a fight.

Proximity Mine can be used to set up traps, and Smoke Screen can help you shed aggro (although momentarily). It’s not very powerful, but it’s cheap enough to toss several at once. When the enemy is huddled together, or there’s a tantalizing batch of vehicles, or there’s just a bothersome adversary that is under cover or otherwise tough to hit with conventional gunfire, tossing out a frag or two (or three) can provide you amazing rewards for the Flow invested.

It’s not the most powerful, has a small radius, and has a long fuse, but its general purpose utility ensures you’re usually good.


Takedowns are a good way to recover Health in fight, but occasionally they’re not frequent enough to keep us alive. We could get gud or reduce the difficulty down… We could also use Transfusion Skill. Spend two Flow to activate this Skill, and damage you deal to foes heals you. The healing is minimal, and although it won’t let you face-tank some of the game’s tougher enemies, it can help you recoup health if you pick your targets carefully. Even if you only gain a bit of health per usage, it was worth your effort.

Transfusion heals you anytime you harm anything, even enemy vehicles. Sometimes it’s better to ignore adversaries and focus on destroying a vehicle. It’s an easy target, has a lot of Health, and will explode when destroyed, killing adjacent enemies.


Some firearms allow for ranged combat, but occasionally you desire a button-activated sniper rifle. Equip for 2 Flow. When you utilize Overscope, you’ll get a sniper rifle with a strong scope. It’s a great long-range weapon with three rounds and heavy damage. Headshots deal extra damage. Sometimes you just want to throw frag bombs or pop someone’s head at 100 meters. Overscope covers the former.


Intercession is useful for giving the enemy new targets. When you’re getting too much heat, shed it. Smoke Screen’s inadequate coverage and short duration are disappointing. Intercession calls two Saints for combat. They’re sturdy and will remain around for a while, and while you can’t manage them or rely on them to kill much, they can be a good diversion.

What Saints Row 2022 skills do you often use? Share it in the comments below.

Written by: Rai O.

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